Jul 8, 2010

Side event: Unions Fighting Climate Change

At the second ITUC World Congress, held from June 21 -25, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada, affiliated organizations from all over the world held debates on proposals put forth from the world of work to overcome current crisis in order to choose a new direction, with an emphasis on advancing in the areas of decent work and development, climate change, and just transition.
Contributing to the discussions on climate change, Sustainlabour organized a side event “Unions Fighting Climate Change, Join us!” which Sharan Burrow, the newly elected President of the ITUC attended as a keynote speaker along with 45 other participants. The side event opened with the screening of the ITUC/Sustainlabour video Time to Tackle Climate Change, produced in the framework of the project.
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Jun 30, 2010

UNEP-Sustainlabour project: After 3 fruitful years, looking ahead to more activity!

The month of June 2010 marked the closing of a three years joint UNEP- Sustainlabour project “Strengthening trade union participation in international environmental processes” as part of UNEP´s programme on Labour and the Environment, with the support of the Government of Spain. The project has proven to be an initiative of great importance, contributing not only to promoting trade union participation in international environmental processes, but also to develop a number of activities for strengthening Trade Union capacities at the local and national level.
The area of work on “Labour and Environment” that opened this programme in a pioneer manner, has acquired over time important political relevance, demonstrating the necessity to also include the world of production through workers´ organizations in the impulse of sustainability policies. Leer más...

May 22, 2010

Rio+20 Preparatory Meeting

The first preparatory meeting for Rio + 20 was also held in New York from May 17-19. Are we in a position to achieve important advances by 2012? Are we simply looking to organize just another conference? Will we be capable of elaborating integrated proposals that serve to advance each one of the sustainable development axis, or will we continue confronting economic, social and environmental interests without advancing in any of them? How can we organize ourselves from the side of the social movements so that governments understand that there is no other option in the long term, and that they will not have our support in the short term, if they do not demonstrate the necessary ambition in the form of an urgent change of the current model?
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Apr 16, 2010

CSD 18: Pushing for a sustainability revolution

The 18th cycle of UN´s Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) takes place from May 3 – 14, 2010 in New York. The focus of this year´s review session is to identify and evaluate constraints in relation to the following thematic issues: Transport, Chemicals, Waste Management, Mining and the Ten-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns. The Commission will serve as a platform to start discussions on the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development to be held in 2012 (Rio +20), preparations for which will take place immediately following the Commission’s session, from 17 to 19 May.
As in previous years, a trade union delegation coordinated by ITUC will be present. The objective for the two-week proceedings is that they be meaningful for people, for the environment and for the economy – the interrelated dimensions of sustainable development. Leer más...

Apr 15, 2010

Four years later: Advances and Challenges in Africa

Second Regional Trade Union African Conference on Labour and Environment – Nairobi, April 7-8, 2010.
The Second Conference we held four years after the first Conference in Johannesburg in 2006 as part of the joint UNEP-Sustainlabour Project on Labour and Environment, and hosted 45 trade union delegate participants from 19 different countries. Statements such as “…we Africans produce what we don’t eat and eat what we don’t produce” made in the first sessions of the Conference characterize the current reality in many African countries as well as the social and environmental challenges. The effects of the financial and economic crisis in Africa; informal work trends; the potential for the creation of green jobs in the continent; climate change and its effects in productive sectors – in particular agriculture; pesticides and chemical risk were some of the topics covered. This event provided a space for information-sharing on the initiatives carried out over the past four years and for analyzing the challenges for the labour movement in terms of advancing the agenda toward a socially fair and environmentally sustainable model with decent work. In addition it also served as a platform for defining steps toward strengthening trade unions´ work related to the environment at the national and regional level. Leer más...

Apr 11, 2010

National Training Session on Labour, Development and Environment (by the Youth group of the CTA)

The National Training Session will be taking place in Buenos Aires form 24th to 26th April, as part of the preparatory process for the National Youth Meeting. Around 30 young trade union delegates will take part from all over the country. This initiative benefits from the support of Sustainlabour. Leer más...